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Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Four Amigos

We've covered the room and the microphones, so let's listen to some guitars.

First up is a Taylor 355, with Light Elixir strings, tuned to concert pitch. It is very bright. This is a one minute sample from "Spanish Escapee", from my first CD. (1.2 megs)

Next is a Gibson B45-12, with Heavy Elixir strings, tuned down a fourth. This is "Freight Train" (1.3 megs).

This is the LKSM-12, with Medium Elixir strings, tuned down a minor third. This is the first Bach prelude from the Well Tempered Clavier (4 megs).

The rest of the samples are encoded using Ogg. I haven't used Windows in years, and I don't know what the state of support is. Drop me a note in the comments if this is a big problem with Windows users and I will redo them as MP3s. I try to support open source, patent free, software when possible.

Here is a Spanish 12-string with fan bracing, slotted-head tuners, and an unknown brand of Light size strings, tuned 1 step down. It has a very funky sound and it's hard to play. Appropriately, here is an abbreviated Funky Butt (3 megs) Light strings, old, don't remember the brand.

Here are the other 3 guitars recorded in the same take as the above Spanish 12-string. Each bit is the last few bars of Funky Butt.
Taylor 355 (600K) tuned down 1/2 step, light Elixir strings
Gibson B45-12 (400K) tuned down a fourth, heavy Elixir strings
Taylor LKSM-12 (600K) tuned down a minor third, medium Elixir strings

One last thing; the Spanish braced 12-string that I picked up at a lawn sale for twenty five bucks is the loudest of the bunch! Here's the unedited file when I recorded all 4 guitars, one after another:

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