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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bicycle Descent of Paris Mountain, the steep side

Paris mountain is about a half hour bike ride from here. It's not huge by real mountain standards, but it's difficult enough to weed out half of the riders in the US Pro Road Bike championships for the last few years. The pros go up the steeper side; you can see why in the twisty turning nastiness on the video. I took a tumble a few years ago - luckily it was into a row of arbor vita trees. This descent was in November - still gorgeous colors but the leaf cover makes you careful.

The music - 

The main instrument is the LKSM-12 tuned down a step, but it's heavily modified through the Caps audio plugin suite. I'm starting to like these plugins by Tim Goetze  a lot. The soundtrack lacked something, so last night I just jammed over it with a 6 string electric (‎Mike McMillan's old Harmony 6 string with a single Telco pickup). Add some overdrive and reverb plugins and it almost sounds like I can play a rock guitar.

The video -

The speedometer / dashboard readings and the Google Earth insert are courtesy of a free download of GPS Visualizer. I had some trouble syncing their readout with the video, not necessarily a fault of their software.

Here is the music video:

Descent of Paris Mountain, the steep side

Image - Graffiti at the top of Paris Mountain Photo Art Sulger 2012 with lot's of contributors

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