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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The notched saddle, part deux

I don't think the notched saddle is such a good idea anymore. Lowering the octave strings so the tops are even does make for more accurate unison strike of string courses, but it also tends to make the lowered octave string buzz unless you raise the action. I would rather have lower action.

Update Thursday, March 20th - I just can't quit you. The notched saddle is back. I'll deal with the buzz, maybe a little more relief in the neck?

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Anonymous said...

I also tried the notched saddle. I don't know if the sound of the octave pairs was more even but there was a definite difference.

In playing fingerstyle, I tend to use upstrokes with one of my RH fingers to emphasize the lower string and down strokes with the thumb to emphasize the octave string. I had thought that the notched saddle would provide an advantage in the use of that technique, but in my case I found that I lost accuracy.

I guess it is a matter of what you are used to or at least what you can become accustomed to.

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