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Saturday, March 8, 2008

New Theory on the Boom

The dratted boom that haunts the studio is still around. I've been surrounding the recording area with more and more absorbent panels but nothinng seems to help. But after researching how to build some real bass traps that might attack the 90 to 95 hertz boom directly I noticed a post that explained how aborbent panels soak up the high frequencies even better than the low frequencies, and this lead to, guess what? Boominess! Duh (smacks forehead).

So this morning, after several cups of coffee with the Babe, I moved the panels back into the corners and on to the walls, foil side pointing inward to make sure the glitter of the 12-string remains. A quick test recording definitely sounds better.

I have material for 3 deep bass traps, per Ethan Winer's design and will be putting those together to mount on the wall, probably over some brick area.

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