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Friday, April 20, 2007

Tremblin' Whomp

I previously posted about mastering the 12-string Tremolo study, but after all the writing I've done about it while working on it, now that it is finished I'd like to give some more details and post the score.

Although the idea for the piece came to me while pursuing the wily 91 hertz resonance that fell right on the open A of the LKSM-12, my goal while writing was two-fold: first, to practice tremolo without having to play Recuerdos del Alhambra (watch about 50 performances on YouTube and you will probably lose your desire to learn this piece), and secondly, to find out if a tremolo had any place in the 12-string repertoire.

In this piece the tremolo takes place exclusively on octave course strings. The unison strings are only used in the chord arpeggios. I found it very difficult to do the traditional right hand fingering pima on the double courses other that the highest one, so I used a fingering that is gaining popularity - pimi. Even this took several weeks before I could get any speed with clarity on inner courses. This fingering is indicated in the score, but tab unfortunately doesn't seem to have a way to indicate this. The fingering is consistent throughout the piece, so this isn't a deal breaker.

The tab is here, and the score is here.
The piece is on

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