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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Room Treatment - Too much Bass

Room treatments - lot's of work - hard to judge results. Bass sounds cleaner, but the room still has a 'too much bass' quality. To check it, I ran through the mp3 frequency files from Ethan Winer. There is a big hump from 55 to 65 hertz. If the emphasis was at a lower frequency it wouldn't be so important, but a 12-string tuned low starts in the 60 cycle range. Just to be sure it wasn't the speaker or the amplifier, I moved the speaker outside - and heard no hump in that range. Haul the speaker back inside, and sure enough, the hump sounds like it's shaking the room!

view of the front of the room

I placed the panels where I think they should go, The four corners are filled vertically with 4 inch thicknesses, and the front corners also have a piece of two inch 703 at the top. There are two 'clouds' - panels positioned above the monitor area and the recording area to block the ceiling reflections. We haven't covered most of the panels with burlap yet. I wanted to make sure they were in the correct positions.

It's time to do some more reading. Trapping sounds below 100 hertz is supposed to be difficult. Jeez, I hope I don't have to buy more panels! Maybe some more cats, like the one sleeping in front of the panel here.

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