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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Various Microphone Positions

Move your head down near the guitar body while your playing it - it sounds remarkably different at different locations. When you're recording there are lots of possible places to put the microphones. Two microphones gives you lots of possibilities. In this video I explore 6 locations.

I used a matched set of Oktava MK012 mics. They have several capsule options: Omnidirectional, Cardioid, HyperCardioid, I used the Omnis for this because they have the flattest response and there isn't a proximity effect (a bass boost when the mic is close).  Also omni mics record pretty much the same whether they're pointed exactly at the guitar or slightly turned away. So I could maneuver the mics into these odd positions.

When I got the matched capsules from The Sound Room,, they provide frequency response curves with each one. 

The video has the following mic position sounds

Start Time
00:00             Near 12th Fret
00:55             Near the Saddle 
01:52             Near the Tuning Head
03:23             Near the Sound Hole
05:00             Top of Guitar Body
06:26             Bottom of Guitar Body

I think the most listenable positions are 12th Fret, the Saddle, the Sound Hole.
The Tuning head is very scratchy. The sound at the top and bottom of the guitar body could be useful.

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