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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Electric Instruments

Speed, acrylic on board c. 1980 Art Sulger

I'm having some fun this winter adding soundtracks to some of the video I shot from a bicycyle.
Here's one that has a lot of fast cuts and video effects (via OpenShot Video Editor). The sound track is a lot of electric guitar, and some simulated brake and wind noises. The camera came loose from the mounting about half-way down the hill, and I had to keep adjusting it; I think it adds a certain excitement to the shots.

Hogback mountain is not the scariest descent - but it does rank high in technical ability, at least for my skill level.

Here's the video: Descent of Hogback Mountain

It was a chilly day for me - anything below 60 F is chilly for me - check out the lobster gloves.

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Anonymous said...

Kind of inspires me for a song (with apologies to Sourwood mountain)

'Chickens a crowin on hogback mountain
hey dang diddle all the day
so many cycle-ists ah jest can't count em
hoot dang diddle all the day'

Or something similar - LOL

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