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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Unified Theory of all (musical) things

Four stinkin' views on my last music video...really chagrined. I mentioned this to my friend Gary Robinson who politely pointed out that he couldn't find it and wasn't sure where to look (and here I was thinking that people didn't understand my geniusissity).

Groan, what with web sites, blogger, twitter, facebook, google+ and so on the music was getting posted here or there or sometimes nowhere.

I'm trying blogger to pull it all together. If it works, I'll even pop for a reasonable url.

So if you have suggestions, I'd really like to hear them. I put links or embeddings for a lot of stuff that was scattered around like music notation, how to buy my music, some recent videos with links to the rest of the music videos.

Image - Thirst, c. 1980 Art Sulger

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