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Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Oktava MK-012 is hissing

And being fixed, I hope, at Oktavamod. Michael looked and listened and originally thought it was ok. So now I've sent both mics to him because maybe the other mic is the problem; they sure sound different from each other and that's just not right for a pair of matched capsules and upgraded electronics.

In the meantime I'm looking at youtubes of how to record acoustic guitar. What a great resource. In the past I've tried Jeklin disks, x-y coincident, spaced, NOS, and some others whose names escape me. They make me happy for a while, but then I hear a recording of some one who really nails a good sound and my search starts again.

So while I'm waiting for the mics, I think next I will attach the giant magnetic pick-up to the LKSM 12-string and put the remaining mic, a Maxell 1007 Side Address Large Diaphram Cardioid down by the saddle and play around with that.

One think I've noticed on forums, and almost universally on the youtube instructionals (at least the more believable ones) is the cardioid placed within a foot of the 12-fret.

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