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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Karmic Ubuntu

The latest Linux distributed by Ubuntu - 9.10 was released a few days ago, and like an idiot that never learns caution, I upgraded. It was so easy...just click the upgrade button...too hard to resist.

But after a day or two trying to get sound working correctly, I've back ported to the previous version. Support for M-Audio Delta and Audiophile card is broken, at least for my setup, in the new distro. Some people have gotten things working, but their fixes don't work for me, and even if they did, the mods to config files seem to go beyond what a simple music person should have to do. It's a shame that the sound support seems to be worse. Sound problems were the reason I switched to Ubuntu from Fedora.

No big deal; this working version will be supported by upgrades until October, 2010. They should have pulseaudio working by then, I imagine.

It seems other people are having various problems with the latest. I'm grateful that my /home directory is a separate partition. It's pretty easy changing distros without losing anything. All you need to do during the install is not to take the automatic partition scheme; instead specify that you want to install on the formatted "/" partition. And specifically tell the install program where your "/home" is located, and not to format that location.

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Anonymous said...

I fear that the good folks at Ubuntu rushed this release, trying to compete with the release of Win7.

I have gotten into the habit of waiting until a release has stabilized before I upgrade. I think when the next LTS version comes out, I will stay put, and do LTS only upgrades.

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