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Friday, June 26, 2009

Fedora 11

I just upgraded from Fedora 10 to 11. As usual the upgrade did not go well and I've spent a few days banging my head against the wall trying to get nvidia drivers loaded (It only works in single user, non-x display-mode without them), then getting sound to fully work.

Without going into details, because everyone has a slightly different system, I think next time I will change my strategy and do a clean install into the non-home partition. But before I do the install, I will list out all the packages that I've added by running:
sudo yum list > existing.packages

This will create a file that looks kind of like this:

xterm.i586 242-3.fc11 installed
xulrunner.i586 1.9.1-0.20.beta4.fc11 installed
xulrunner-devel.i586 1.9.1-0.20.beta4.fc11 installed
xvidcore.i586 1.2.1-2.fc11 installed
y4mscaler.i586 9.0-8.fc11 installed
yelp.i586 2.26.0-3.fc11 installed
yp-tools.i586 2.9-6.fc11 installed
ypbind.i586 3:1.20.4-19.fc11 installed
yum.noarch 3.2.23-3.fc11 installed
yum-metadata-parser.i586 1.1.2-12.fc11 installed
yum-utils.noarch 1.1.22-1.fc11 installed
zd1211-firmware.noarch 1.4-2 installed
zenity.i586 2.26.0-1.fc11 installed
zip.i586 2.31-7.fc11 installed
zita-convolver.i586 1.0.0-2.fc11 installed
zlib.i586 1.2.3-22.fc11 installed
zlib-devel.i586 1.2.3-22.fc11 installed
Available Packages
0xFFFF.i586 0.3.9-3.fc11 fedora
AGReader.i586 1.2-5.fc11 updates
AcetoneISO.i586 6.7-6.fc11 fedora
AcetoneISO2.i586 2.0.3-1.fc11 fedora
Ajaxterm.noarch 0.10-8.fc11 fedora
AllegroOGG.i586 1.0.3-5.fc11 fedora
AllegroOGG-devel.i586 1.0.3-5.fc11 fedora
BackupPC.noarch 3.1.0-5.fc11 fedora
BasiliskII.i586 1.0-0.20060501.3.fc11.1 rpmfusion-free
Finally write a perl script that will parse the yum output so the installed items in the left column can be used as input to a 'yum install' command.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have toyed with the idea of trying out Fedora (or Arch) several times.

I suppose it would be a small matter to learn the different terminal commands (yum vs sudo), but we get accustomed to doing things a certain way.

Three years ago, it was intimidating making the switch from WinXP to Ubuntu, so all things considered, this is a much smaller step.

Keep us posted on your progress, and I hope your finger is getting better.

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