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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Internet Connection

The S.O. and I decided to upgrade our connection to teh Internets, so we ordered some giant T3 tubes. Like everything in life, there is both good and bad in the new high speed connections.

First, the Good:

Uploading and downloading is just incredibly fast. You can pirate music that won't be released until next year. And you can probably download more pørn than actually exists on the internets!

The tubes, shown here, go from the street into the attic:

This firewall protects against nasty viruses. The filters are based on a viratic-gravity algorithm.

On the other hand, this laptop connection might seem a little unwieldy, but the increase in speed is worth it:

And best of all, I can record my 12-string directly into the tubes using this Martin soundhole fiber optic connection:

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