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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Body Beat

So I'm slow and have no sense of time. Let's see if a metronome will help.

I went looking for some traditional type metronomes. Better to have one handy rather than have to trapse over to the computer to adjust the beat. I came across the "Body Beat" metronome that you can feel instead of hear. Hey, I can use it while recording!

Here are the package contents. The "thumper" on the left plugs into the top of the Body Beat with a standard mini-plug. You get beeping sound if you unplug it; plugged in, it vibrates so you feel the beat.

The thing works as advertised. It has beat options like dotted note combinations; I find these kind of useless when it's in the vibe mode, but they sometimes can be useful in the audible mode. Also, the accented signatures in vibe mode cause the thumper device to vibrate loud enough for a mic to pic up in a quiet guitar setting. So for practice session I just set the beats to zero and adjust the speed. The mics don't seem to pick up any sound from the vibe unit at the zero setting.

It's pricey - about 100 USD, yet it's kind of flimsy. I'm scared of jumping up from a session with the vibrator on my body yanking the Body Beat off the stand onto the floor.

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