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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Installing Bass Traps

One nice thing about bass traps that is better than absorbers is that they work best up against the wall where the wave pressure is greatest.
At least that's what I read. Absorbers need to be away from the wall and rely on wave velocity. I'm not sure I understand that, but I'll go along with the acoustics experts. So I installed the 3 traps along the section of brick, near the corner, up close to the wall.
The one in the center, with the lighter wood, uses 1/4 inch plywood instead of 3/8 inch thick plywood. It resonates slightly higher. Below is a spectrum made by tapping on the thicker wooded bass trap. It seems to be resonant right in the 85 to 100 hertz neighborhood, which is exactly where the Soundhole whomp is booming.

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