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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Winter in the NorthEast

My old buddy Kevin O is getting hammered with another Nor'easter tonight in Bean Town. I thought about him while out on my almost daily bike ride. It's been years since I've lived up North, but the memories of what Winter in the North is like linger on like Post Stress Disorder. Few people down here in Greenville ever venture far from home. There is a remarkable percentage of natives who go to local colleges, then get jobs in the area. So it is hard to convey just how difficult daily life is during the Northern Winter. Yes, you see the pictures on the weather channel during the blizzard, but you don't understand that life between snow events doesn't get a lot better. Sidewalks are mostly impassable, sometimes covered in slush, sometimes in snow, sometimes the snow dusting hides a treacherous layer of ice. There is almost always a 15 to 25 mph wind; it lulls only during the beginning of the snow. Night falls about 4pm. They have a tough life up there.

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