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Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Mic Positions

For the last year I've used a Jecklin disk with matched Oktava MC-012 omni-directional mics but the sound doesn't seem right. There is always a boominess in the playback that I don't hear as I'm playing. Even though the recorded sound might be natural for a listener, it's not the same sound I hear when playing. So I abandoned the idea of 'natural' sounding mic positions, such as x-y, ORTF, or the Jecklin Disk Array for something that would better mimic what I hear.

The right microphone is close to my right ear, pointed down at the high point of the lower bout. The left mic originally was near my right ear - the idea being that my head would be the center of a Jecklin array. But I soon found that putting the mic out in front of the fretboard, near the 7th fret, and as close as possible without interfering with normal guitar movement gave a brighter and more bell-like tone.

I like the results and re-recorded a couple of pieces with the new postion. You can hear them here:
Bach Prelude in C from Well-Tempered Clavier Book 1
Memories of the Fair

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