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Sunday, December 9, 2007

heavy, medium, or light?

My hands are getting stronger now that cycling is winding down a little and I'm playing more. This means, of course, more fussing to get the perfect sound, the perfect touch. Last February I was obsessing about strings, and I'm back doing it again.
The LKSM-12 sounds very nice with the heavy Elixir strings, but it is a bear to play. Even tuned from E to C it has 50 pounds more tension on the strings than the setup I played over the Summer. I lowered the action quite a bit and it felt very easy to play with Elixir mediums tuned down a major second. I suspect that the heavier strings are causing the neck to flex a bit more and maybe I need to lower it some more.
Time to get out the StewMac Action Gauge.

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