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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Cycling in Greenville

I'm sometimes tempted to make this a cycling blog, because it seems that I spend more time on my bike than playing the 12-string. Our move from upstate New York to Greenville, South Carolina was an escape from the cold and it's worked out really well. I feel sorry for my old buds up North who have to deal with the weather while down here we have glorious year-round cycling and fantastic roads.

A quick estimate of the 18 pro-tour teams comes up with about 900 cyclists. These are the pinnacle of the sport, and so far two of them live here! And there are a couple of up and comers who will soon be riding in Europe, I think. And even club cyclists like me get to ride with them once in a while on a training ride. This place is so cool.

But I don't need to do a cycling blog because one of my cycling buds, Jonathan Pate, already has one published in the local paper. You can read him here to get an idea of what it's like in Greenville.

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